Feminization Hypnotherapy

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We live in an age where being transsexual is no longer taboo. Society has learned to acknowledge their existence and rights. As these individuals have become more and more aggressive in expressing their sexuality, feminization has become a popular practice for them. Feminization Hypnotherapy is the shift made by a man to adapting more feminine traits, appearance, behavior as well as lifestyle. It is the conscious effort of a man to transform his ways into that of a woman. In humans, the biological approach of achieving this is through the introduction of female hormones to the male body. This then causes changes such as body transformations and behavioral adaptation. It is a drastic move for those who are more or less decided to become feminine. Feminization has several types including Forced Feminization.

Forced Feminization is forcing the male to become more feminine. As psychological studies interpret it, refusal usually is superficial as the subject experiences hidden pleasure or enjoyment in doing what he is asked to do. This involves asking the man to speak, behave, appear and act feminine. It evolves around a power play – it is where there is an effort to shift assignments and expectations. It is creating an environment where the woman is designed to enjoy dominance over men. A typical set-up is where the man is instructed to behave in a, more or less, exaggerated womanly fashion. He is asked to portray popular feminine roles such as nurses, secretaries and the like. This type of Feminization Hypnotherapy is usually with a sexual orientation where the appearance and behavior of the man are changed into something suggestive. An example of this practice is the forcing of prisoners to become feminine as part of sexual slavery.

Unlike forced feminization, hypnotic feminization involves a willing subject. This is done through putting the male into the trance-like experience where he gets to enjoy how it feels to be a woman. This is done so as to allow the male to actually feel, think and act as a female. It is using hypnosis to fulfill a fantasy of having a female body. This also allows the male to behave and react to his imaginary environment as a female. It is a type of feminization that is rather conservative as knowledge that such process took place is limited to the male and the one who controls it.

Feminization through hypnosis can be temporary as its duration depends on how the party who initiated it is controlling the process. If so desired, the Feminization Hypnotherapy experience vanishes as soon as the hypnotism process ends, unless you want it to continue, you can keep using hypnosis to reinforce those sensations.The patient is then placed under hypnosis where he is presented with the least threatening of the scenarios. The patient, still under hypnosis, is asked to reduce the level of anxiety associated with that scenario, until it is gone. By working progressively through the scenarios the patient is then brought to the stage where he can face some of these situations in real life free of anxiety.